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Mobile App & 4D Augmented Reality Experience

Posted November 20, 2012 by User 14 Comments

Matchbox Twenty is happy to announce that fans have the amazing opportunity to win a meet and greet on the upcoming tour. To launch these efforts, Matchbox Twenty has partnered with daqri to develop a first-in-class augmented reality experience.

It is VERY easy to enter to win.

Just follow these easy steps:

  • iPhone users can download and open the Matchbox Twenty app
  • Android users can download and open the daqri app
  • Click on the '4D' tab in the app
  • Point the camera on your phone at the cover of Matchbox 20's new album, North
  • Tap on the screen to find out about tour dates, preview the album, watch video, and enter to win a meet and greet

Follow those instructions and enter to win the ULTIMATE Matchbox Twenty Experience!

And cross your fingers...

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  1. ANDREA_NEWYORK avatar

    On January 25, 2013, ANDREA_NEWYORK said:

    The list of shows to choose from is very restricted... when you finally get this to work (didn't work on my Droid, it was scanning forever, had to use iPhone), then you find out the show you want to go to is not part of list to choose from. Disappointing guys.

  2. Tanana avatar

    On January 13, 2013, Tanana said:

    And for us without cells ... nada.

  3. goddessecouture avatar

    On January 11, 2013, goddessecouture said:

    I'll just curl up into a fetal position and weep in the corner since I use a Blackberry.

  4. Downfall76 avatar

    On December 3, 2012, Downfall76 said:

    I would say the 'VERY' in "It is VERY easy to enter to win' above might be a bit of an overstatement! But I did finally manage to enter the contest so it's all good :)

  5. Downfall76 avatar

    On November 29, 2012, Downfall76 said:

    Yay, finally got it to work. Very cool app once you figure it out! Here's hoping for a win :)

  6. Andres Hernandez avatar

    On November 26, 2012, Andres Hernandez said:

    Insane app! :)
    Just got it to work for Android. It's very eye catching... now I just hope I win :D

  7. Shann1380 avatar

    On November 21, 2012, Shann1380 said:

    YES!! I'm finally entered to win the Meet & Greet in Baltimore, MD! How awesome would that be!!!! Only had a little issue with keeping the app open to finish the contest. (It kept closing before I could finish entering my info.) I might of accidently entered twice....hoping that doesn't disqualify me. :-/ Keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed!!! ;)

  8. Shann1380 avatar

    On November 21, 2012, Shann1380 said:

    @ElleZee - did you find the android apps in the "Play Store?" I can online find the app with the white d when I search "Daqri."

  9. ElleZee avatar

    On November 20, 2012, ElleZee said:

    I finally got it to work on my Android. There were 3 free Daqri apps....the one that worked has a blue circle symbol thing. It wasn't the Daqri 4D app, or the Daqri app that has a white d as a symbol.
    It was pretty cool. You let it scan the cover of your CD case (like a QR Scanner) & then the picture on the case sort of pops out as you hover above it, & you hear 'Put Your Hands Up.'
    Don't click on the daqri app link here & follow those directions...
    The only problem would be that the show we're going to isn't one of the meet & greet locations, but the one after our show is, so we're trying for that one.
    Good luck!

  10. Ava avatar

    On November 20, 2012, Ava said:

    I take it this doesn't work with a windows phone :)

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